Intro to Synthesizers

This lesson is an introduction to synthesizers. Synthesizers are electronic instruments that generate sound using oscillators which are a single cycle sound waveform. Depending on the type of the synthesizer they also use various filters and modulators to achieve a wider palette of sounds that can be created.


An oscillator is a repeating waveform with a fundamental frequency and peak amplitude This lesson explains that oscillators are sound generators that generate a single cycle sound waveform. They also have added options to control the generated waveform depending on the synthesizer.

Types of Synthesis

This lesson explains different types of synthesis. These synthesis types got their names by the main method they use to shape the sound. Subtractive synths use filters to shape the spectrum, FM use frequency modulation, additive use single partial harmonics to get a more complex sound, modular synths use a modular approach to the elements which are used and wavetable synths use wavetables instead of simple oscillators.

Complex Synthesizers

This lesson explains complex synthesizers like granular synths or synthesizers that use more than one type of synthesis to achieve a more complex sound.

Practical example

This lesson shows a practical example where a synthesizer is used to create sound.

Sound Design

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