This lesson talks about the most common modulators that can be found in synthesizers. Common modulators are envelopes and low frequency modulators.


An envelope refers to the way a a sound changes over time related to elements such as amplitude, filters or pitch. This lesson explains envelopes as they are used in synthesizers. Envelopes are used as a modulator that is connected to the MIDI note on and off information.


LFOs (low-frequency oscillation) is an electronic frequency which is usually below 20 Hz and creates a rhythmic pulse or sweep. This lesson explains low frequency oscillators or in short LFOs. LFOs are used as a modulation source which can control various parameters in a synthesizer.

What to modulate

This lesson explains some most common parameters and ways that they can be modulated using modulators in a synthesizer. Usually we modulate amplitude, pitch, frequency or filters.

Practical Example

This lesson shows a practical example of how modulators are used in a synthesizer.

Sound Design

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