In this page you will find the curriculum of our Music Production Certificate. The certificate is made up of six courses. You can click on any course to see all the levels it contains and then click on the level to see all its lessons.

Music Production 101

Course 1/6

Everything you need to know about how DAWs work and how to setup your equipment to start producing.
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Sound Design

Course 2/6

Designed to ensure you can take any sonic idea from your head and design it yourself through synthesis. The course covers all the components of modern-day synthesizers & samplers and how to develop your own custom patches.
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Audio Processing

Course 3/6

Provides a thorough understanding of spectral, dynamic, and creative FX and how to properly utilize them in music production for sound design and mixing functions.
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Composition & Sketching

Course 4/6

Teaches how to put together musical sketches and think about composition as you build the skeleton for a song. The course covers everything from creating your first beat, all the way to building the core elements you will later use in your arrangement.
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Arrangement & Structure

Course 5/6

The fundamentals of high-level song structures and how to organize an improvised sketch into a full piece of music. You will learn how to transform a basic loop into a standard song structure with intro, verses, build ups, chorus and bridge sections.
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Mixing & Mastering

Course 6/6

Provides a comprehensive walk through of proper mixing and mastering techniques. You will learn the industry skills required to properly mix and master your original music for commercial distribution.
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