Stereo Principles & Metering

This lesson explains Stereo principles and Metering of audio signals. Understanding Stereo principles is crucial in audio engineering and music production ever since stereo systems were introduced as the commercial way to consume audio. Stereo is a method of sound reproduction that creates an illusion of multi-directional audible perspective. Metering is the process that helps visualize the gain of instruments when recording, the loudness of the tracks when mixing, and the dynamic range of the mixes when mastering.

L / R Time & Pitch Offsets

This lesson explains left and right channel time and pitch offset in producing a wider stereo sound image. In this lesson we cover the Haas and Doppler effects.

Mid-Side Processing

This lesson explains the principles behind the MID/SIDE processing techniques. Mid is the sum of the left and right channels where only the MONO part of the signal is contained. SIDE is the difference between the left and right channel which contains all of the stereo information of a stereo signal.

Practical Example

This lesson shows a practical example of using processing to enhance the stereo sound image

Audio Processing 

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