Transport Bar

This lesson explains the functionality of the transport bar. Transport bar holds all of the main playback or recording functionality. This is where the main tempo is set, metronome, pre-count and many other important functions.


The timeline is the core structure on which to create music. Learn how to manage it in detail. This lesson explains the timeline nature of the sequencers in DAWs, it's horizontal nature and how audio is summed up into the main master track.


This lesson explains all of the different types of tracks available in Ableton Live. The types of tracks available in Ableton Live are: Audio, MIDI, Group, Return and a Master track.


Clips are individual items within a timeline. This lesson explains the nature of Audio and MIDI clips in Ableton Live. It also goes over the methods of their manipulation and how they can be handled by the user.


This lesson explains the recording methods for Audio and MIDI content. Ableton Live can record and manipulate Audio and MIDI content.

Bouncing & Freezing

In this lesson you will learn about freezing and bouncing. Bouncing is the process of flattening a complex channel setup into a simple wave. This is usually done in the later stages of production to reduce the computer resources required at higher levels of complexity. Freezing is a sound recording technique that involves a track that temporarily renders a bounce of the tracks’ output signal. This process includes all devices and automation.

Music Production 101

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