In this lesson the tracks in the mixer and its functionality are explained. We explain insert effects as well as racks and their macros that are used to control multiple parameters of contained effects. Sends & Returns are used to apply parallel processing to signals. Master Bus is used to process the sum of all the tracks in a project.

I / O Routing

This lesson explains the routing between tracks in a project. This includes the routing of audio and MIDI signals, regarding their inputs and outputs as well.


This lesson explains the gain structure in a project. Volume units in a digital audio system are expressed in dB full scale. We also explain clipping in a digital domain where signals exceed the digital headroom. Peak and RMS measurement of the signals are also explained here.


This lesson explains the panning functionality. Panning controls the balance between the left and right channel on a track, creating a stereoscopic positioning effect for a stereo playback system.

Music Production 101

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