This lesson explains the MIDI protocol and it's usage as an interface between electronic instruments and computers. MIDI is a standardized communication protocol used to achieve communication and synchronization between electronic instruments and computers.


This lesson explains samplers and their usage. Samplers are electronic instruments that playback audio when triggered by a MIDI input. They also have various control over the audio that is to be played back, like envelopes, pitch control or filters depending on the samplers possibilities.

Drum Machines

Drum Machines are electronic musical instruments that create percussion sounds, drum beats, and patterns. Drum machines are capable of mimicking drum kits or other percussion instruments. These devices can produce unique sounds, such as synthesized electronic tones This lesson explains sample based drum machines as they are present in Ableton Live. Drum machines are used for programming drum patterns and use samplers for sound reproduction.


Synthesizers are electronic musical instruments that produce audio signals. Synthesizers generate audio through several techniques, such as subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis, and frequency modulation synthesis. This lesson explains synthesizers as they are widely used in electronic music. Synthesizers generally produce sound using oscillators and usually have a filter and a few modulators like envelopes and low frequency oscillators.

 Music Production 101

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