Decontructing a Sketch

This lesson shows a deconstruction of a sketch already made in order to grasp it’s structure.

Structure Skeleton

This lesson explains how to create a structure skeleton. This would include ordering main parts of the song in order to set their macro order without taking care of details.

Tension Dynamics

This lesson explains tension dynamics. Creating tension using dynamics is usually done by creating a contrast using the elements we created.

Filling the Spectrum

This lesson shows how we can fill in the gaps in our first draft. After the basic skeleton is made we can notice what is missing so we fill in the gaps by adding parts that are missing because of the decisions made in arrangement of elements. We can also remove things for the same reason if we realize that we have too many elements at one time fighting for space in the sound image.

Objective Musical Appreciation

This lesson explains why objective appreciation of our music is imperative in order to assess its overall impact on the listener. Listening to other media or stepping away from a production for a period of time would allow us to hear our song as if it was not so familiar and spot the problems.

Arrangements & Structure

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