LEVEL 1 - Song Structure

Intro, verse, chorus, bridge and outro.

LEVEL 2 - Reference Tracks

Reference structure, reference sound and reference arrangement.

LEVEL 3 - Arrangement Organization

Naming, color, order, grouping, markers and purpose specific structures.

LEVEL 4 - First Draft

Deconstructing a sketch, structure skeleton, tension dynamics, filling the spectrum and objective musical appreciation.

LEVEL 5 - Transitions

Cohesive progression, energy management and transitional accents.

LEVEL 6 - Gain Structure

Headroom, loudness, leveling & panning.

LEVEL 7 - FX & Processing

Sound design FX, phase, cancellation, addition, channel processing and bus processing.

LEVEL 8 - Automation

Synth parameters, levels, filters, panning, progressions and transitions.